Living Life In A Wheelchair

Mail Ordering LED Lights For My New Power Wheelchair
[ Saturday December 10th 2016 at 8:38 am ]

This morning I've mail ordered LED lights for my new power wheelchair. I need this in place for driving myself using the power wheelchair to the facility where I do my water based physiotherapy. The swimming pool time slot I use is from 7 PM to 8 PM. At present it is dark by 5 PM.

I am bringing the parts in from Hong Kong. I am doing this to save money. The style of LED lights I've mail ordered are similar in nature to a move theater isle lighting. This is a basic setup I will demonstrate in my youTube channel once the parts arrive.

One of my values is not to be in pursuit of material gain for the sake of showing off to the world. On this particular occasion I've decided to mail order Red - Blue - Green LED lights with a controller which will create different patterns so I am seen for my safety. Driving on the sidewalk is like driving an automobile repeatedly over train tracks. It causes severe pain with what is wrong in my body. I use the side of road as much as possible. I even wait for traffic to pass because of the severity of the pain I experience.