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Ron Piggott

Laser Engraver Vent Hood Wood Cut And Delivered Back To Me
[ Wednesday September 22nd 2021 at 3:36 pm ]

The person I asked to cut the wood for my laser engraver vent hood has completed this and just returned it to me. I am really glad.

This is "take 2" for making a vent hood for my laser engraver. I am hoping making this out of wood will work. I plan to drape a shower curtain over it to contain the fumes. Three green house ventilation fans will suck the fumes out. I can't wait to get the laser engraver up and running. I think it will be really helpful in generating funds for expenses in better managing my physical disability.

The couple wanted to encourage me. The wood came complete with food from their garden. There was a supply of grape tomatoes, chives, spinach, plumbs and a squash. It was a huge pleasant surprise. What a wonderful gesture.