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Ron Piggott

Financial Planning Appointment
[ Wednesday February 19th 2020 at 12:02 pm ]

I've just completed a financial planning appointment. I have another inheritance installment coming. There were 2 main reasons for the appointment:

  • I need to sign a document about my Registered Disability Savings Plan. When I had my 2015 surgery the medical community was hoping I'd recover. I put some of the money within this into a Guaranteed Investment Certificate. The rules of this require some of the contributions from the Federal Government of Canada to be recalled. But the recovery didn't materialize. I have switched this over to mutual funds. This now makes the most sense for growth potential.
    I also plan to designate $5,000 of this into my retirement savings. Earlier this morning I spoke to the Federal Government of Canada. This plan is sponsored with the government taking on the role of an employer in matching contributions I make. This will trigger a matching $10,500 contribution.
  • I will be in a position to pay out my mortgage. I had some questions about the logistics of this and the mortgage discharge fee the financial institution charges.

It's been a pleasant appointment. When the bank draft arrives I'll be able to enact my plans quickly. Then I need to report the transactions to my disability case worker. Planning ahead helps me. I've been able to make these decisions while feeling ok. This is what I prefer to do with my finances.