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Ron Piggott

New Countertop Dishwasher Has Shipped
[ Thursday December 5th 2019 at 4:14 pm ]

Last night my countertop dishwasher died. I've just received the e-mail that the replacement I've purchased has shipped. What I'm even more pleased about is that it will be delivered tomorrow.

This honestly can't arrive soon enough. I spent almost all day in bed. I couldn't sit. My hips were like a severely clinched fist. It was properly horrible. Trying to take a few steps was equally just as challenging. A very hot bath was helpful. But atlas my legs are still in a very tender state. Unfortunately this happens too often.

Ultimately my use of a dishwasher is a tool to survive in day to day life. I am now behind in my dishes. With the dishwasher arriving tomorrow it won't be critical. But even so getting it setup is my #1 priority in life. I have a friend on stand by to help make this happen.