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Ron Piggott

Spending Time With My Aunt By Phone
[ Tuesday June 15th 2021 at 10:10 pm ]

This past week has revolved around my aunt. Her cancer is in the advanced stages. I've been spending as much as time as practical with her using phone calls each day. I've really been enjoying these meaningful visits. Then I've needed some quiet time after these calls for myself. It has been a worth while. It has been an honour and privilege spending this time with her. I do enjoy supporting people and genuinely care.

For several months we regularly played Scrabble online. This was beneficial to my aunt while going through cancer treatment and myself with my physical disability & chronic pain. I've spent time during this past week creating a Letter Scramble Game. I think this is a way to give back and support others. One of the individuals I met who plays WreckFest is going to share this with hospitalized veterans in the United States once the programming is completed. I am thinking that I could reach out to the Canadian Armed Forces to share it here.