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  • I keep this as a companion to my youTube channel: To help put my videos into context. The topics I share are an extension of my life.
  • This is also for my Patreon sponsors: This is to help share and be accountable for how I use the money given to me.
  • Finally this is a skill given to cope with pain: It is a helpful and healthy outlet.

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Ron Piggott

Picked Up The Medication For My Eye Ailment
[ Tuesday November 28th 2023 at 2:10 pm ]

I have made it to the pharmacy. I now have the medicine to treat the eczema that seems to be irritating my eye. I am really hoping this works. This is part of a holistic approach. I am to continue applying a wash cloth with warm water to my eye 4 times a day. The oil glands around my eyes need this as they heal from the irritation. I also developed a stye the warm wash cloth will bring healing to. Yesterday I received a special shampoo and scalp treatment for the sensitive skin I'm experiencing. The skin is also flared up behind my ears and in my belly button. I am not overly concerned. I am hopeful this will work.