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  • I keep this as a companion to my youTube channel: To help put my videos into context. The topics I share are an extension of my life.
  • This is also for my Patreon sponsors: This is to help share and be accountable for how I use the money given to me.
  • Finally this is a skill given to cope with pain: It is a helpful and healthy outlet.

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Ron Piggott

Lined Up Boxes For Packing Up The Shed
[ Wednesday April 14th 2021 at 11:23 am ]

The pet store I get my feed at for Mike (the hamster) is giving me boxes. I will be able to collect these tomorrow afternoon. This is to pack up my shed. This has become necessary after an intruder on Sunday morning tipped over all the shelves containing my tools. The easiest way forward is to pack up the shed and treat it like I am moving in for the first time. I have help coming on Saturday to begin the clean up.