Living Life In A Wheelchair

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I am 47 years old. When I moved to Belleville Ontario Canada 19 years ago I didn't realize how much of a role in my life the health care community would play. I am in year 17 of ongoing medical treatment. This is the aftermath of suffering Legg Perthes disease when I was 2 years old. Through this website I share the challenges and rewards my marathon medical treatment brings to my life.

After enduring several years of my own health care treatment and the challenges which accompany a physical disability I am passionate about accessibility needs to serve not only those individuals with a physical disability, but also the elderly, blind and parents with strollers. I've experienced the discrimination where businesses place a higher value on asethics than accessibility needs. I'm also vocal about city infrastructure which creates obstacles to those who rely upon a wheelchair or scooter for their mobility.

My hobbies include making crafts, music and woodworking. This helps me cope with the set of challenges I experience. I also very much enjoy spending time with youth giving back and investing in their lives. I use my long term physical disability to inspire and encourage others. I regularly post videos on my YouTube Channel about how to thrive in life while experiencing a physical disability.

Ron Piggott