Living Life In A Wheelchair

Kinesio Tape Causing Me Severe Pain
[ Monday November 28th 2016 at 3:44 am ]

On November 25th 2016 my physiotherapist applied kinesio tape to support my right knee cap and hopefully stabilize it. It prevented 3 instances of clicking - popping from completing later that day and 6 instances on November 26th 2016.

My right knee joint woke me up in pain on November 27th 2016 at 12:31 a.m. When I repositioned my right leg in bed my right knee joint clicking - popping occurred with much more gusto than any previous instance. This occurred twice more on November 27th 2016.

By the end of the day the kinesio tape was no longer supporting my right knee cap. Instead it was applying pressure --- the same as the knee brace. This was causing me severe pain.

The kinesio tape adhesive is made to last several days. It wasn't ready to come off. My right knee joint has just woke me up from the pain the kinesio tape is causing. The pain is severe. I can't take the pain. I lived through the demise of both my hip joints. The pain this is causing me is comparable to each hip joint just prior to it being replaced. I've just removed the kinesio tape.

"Plan C" is supporting my right knee cap is the use of a tensor bandage. The physiotherapist doesn't believe this will be successful. But at the same time my options are very quickly running out. It is worth while trying. Even though I've mail ordered a tensor bandage I will buy one locally on the way to the pool this evening.

There is a "Plan D" suggested to me by a friend. It is the use of sports tape. This may be a better option than the kinesio tape since it is applied and removed the same day.