Living Life In A Wheelchair

I Fax Another Letter To My Physiotherapist
[ Sunday November 27th 2016 at 10:39 pm ]

My physiotherapy applied kinesio tape to my right knee joint during my appointment on November 25th 2016. Initially it helped:

  • It prevented 3 instances of my right knee joint clicking - popping from completing on November 25th 2016
  • It prevented 6 instances of my right knee joint clicking - popping from completing on November 26th 2016

I went to bed for night at 10:40 PM. Pain in my right knee joint woke me up on November 27th 2016 at 12:31 AM. When I repositioned my right leg an instance of clicking - popping completed. Two more happened today. Now the kinesio tape is pressing into my right knee joint instead of supporting it. It is causing the same severe pain the knee brace I mail ordered created.

This was my physiotherapist's "Plan B" in supporting my right knee joint because of my right knee brace caused so much pain. Now the pain is interfering with me engaging in the physiotherapy I've been assigned. As I am unable to follow my physiotherapist's treatment plan I've just wrote and faxed a new letter to my physiotherapy communicating this with her.

At this point the best I am able to do is gather facts. There are two more ideas I have to try. The reality is that I am running out of options. This stint in physiotherapy is very reminiscent of what I endured for my left hip joint between November 2006 and January 2007. I repeatedly experienced setbacks. I was eventually discharged as untreatable. Being discharged as untreatable set in motion hip surgery. I have the mental aptitude to understand what is transpiring. I expect the same will come to pass with my right knee joint.