Living Life In A Wheelchair

My 'Skyline View' Knee X-ray
[ Monday September 19th 2016 at 8:30 am ]

I was to the hospital this morning for my knee x-ray appointment. I knew what to expect from the discussion I had with my family doctor on Thursday September 15th 2016 when he ordered the x-rays.

I woke up in pain this morning around 5:30 am. My knees had become very painful as I slept. My family doctor and I discussed a pain control strategy for this series of x-rays. This was helpful to me in planning for today's appointment.

I decided to leave my home at 7:00 am for my x-ray appointment. Even though the appointment was scheduled for 8:30 am I knew from past experience the Diagnostic Imaging department would not be busy and I would have a short wait.

I went to the hospital intentionally with clothing that didn't contain metal zippers or buttons. This avoided the need to change into a hospital gown. This is part of my effort to manage my chronic pain. I was able to avoid the extra bending involved in changing into and out of a hospital gown.

The x-ray technician recognized me from previous x-rays she performed on me. She said to me how I'm always kind to their staff.

I gave the x-ray technician a message I asked that she would pass onto the radiologist for when my x-rays are read. When I was 3 years old I was prescribed a hip dysplasia brace with an abduction bar as a conservative treatment option to manage my Legg Perthes disease. When I was assessed for hip replacement surgery in 2012 the surgeon indicated this isn't common now, but was a routine treatment option in 1979. I am trying to be helpful in providing what is relevant background information.

The x-rays where uneventful. I will be given the results of these on Friday September 23rd 2016 when I have my next appointment with my orthopedic surgeon.

I require specialist orthopedic care and am being treated at a university hospital. When I arrived home I followed up with my surgeon's administrative assistant. She confirmed the x-rays will be available at their hospital for my appointment on Friday.

I've done what I can to help myself and the health care treatment I receive. I am content.