Living Life In A Wheelchair

Planning For Outdoor Window Frame Painting
[ Friday September 16th 2016 at 1:36 pm ]

All but one window in my home has a wooden frame. During this past week I've discovered they all need painting before winter. The painting from 2010 is flaking off and the wood is exposed to the weather.

The heart of the issue is that I really don't have money to spend on this. But if I don't have them painted now the wood will rot and the window replacement bill is going to be unmanageable. Today I've purchased a gallon of paint for this purpose costing $70.03. It is going to seriously challenge my budget for the rest of this month.

I did have a rewarding moment while at the store purchasing the paint. I've interacted with the store employee. She asked how I am progressing. There was a soldier from Canadian Forces Base Trenton also purchasing paint. The solider was interested in what I was enduring. I told him a summarized version. He did his best to encourage me while remaining amazed at the treatment marathon I endure. When the conversation was finished I thanked him for his service.