Living Life In A Wheelchair

Prescription Mix Up
[ Friday September 16th 2016 at 12:16 pm ]

When I was at my family doctor appointment yesterday evening we agreed on adding an anti inflammary pain medication to my pain control in order to get me through the present flare up. I used anti inflammatory medication as part of my pain control before each of my hip replacement surgeries to help control the pain and following surgery to ease the post surgery swelling. Eventually it was no longer effective and I discontinued using it. My patient chart still lists this medication.

When I discussed the dose with my family doctor last evening I indicated it wasn't necessary to resume using the same strength as before. I recalled previous discussions with my family doctor. The dose I was using previously was highly unusual, put warranted in my specific situation. We agreed on me using the lower typical dose.

By accident my family doctor faxed the prescription I had previously used without modifying it. The pharmacist caught this and questioned it. The entire staff at the medical practice where my family doctor is located is off today for training. My family doctor isn't available to confirm the lower dose intended for me.

For the specific anti inflammatory medication I was prescribed the pharmacist is allowed to modify the prescription to a lower dosage. I agreed to this. I need the medication to get my pain under control. I don't have any desire to use medication that isn't warranted. For my continuity in my care the pharmacist is required by law to report back to my family doctor what she prescribed.

There are some times when things happen when receiving health care that are that are unintentional. It isn't worth getting upset about. When I measure the motives of my family doctor he has consistently tried to help me and provide an inroad for the surgeries he isn't able to perform.