Living Life In A Wheelchair

I Almost Fell Because Of My Right Knee Joint
[ Thursday November 24th 2016 at 8:13 pm ]

After I finished in the swimming pool tonight I used my power wheelchair for mobility in the men's change room. When I went to stand up I almost fell forward. With this happening I have now experienced all the symptoms of advanced articular cartilage damage in my right knee joint.

Tomorrow morning I have an appointment with my physiotherapist. My family doctor has asked me to discuss with her a viscosupplementation injection. In common English this is the type of injection to lubricate a knee joint. This isn't a permanent solution. Doing this injection is a reasonable precursor to knee surgery. It would help confirm the source of my knee problems.

This is one of two types of knee injections being considered for my treatment. However if my articular cartilage is damaged to the extent I am feeling it the second type of knee injection will only help with pain control and will likely eliminate the possibility of a recovery without surgical intervention.