Living Life In A Wheelchair

My Second Appointment With The Physiotherapist
[ Friday November 25th 2016 at 11:00 am ]

I've had my second appointment with my physiotherapist. The appointment went better than I had expected. The letters I faxed to the physiotherpaist describing my efforts and setbacks had given her time to think of a new plan.

I am quickly running out of options. Today I've had the conversation with the physiotherapist that not everyone in my rare situation is able to recover. Any progress I am able to make is going to be at a snails pace because of the strong response from my right knee joint.

  • Since the knee brace caused me so much pain we are trying Kinesio Tape (also known as "k taping"). The tape is applied like a smile supporting my knee cap.
  • I was asked to try various positions to work out a position that didn't cause debilitating pain in my right knee joint while contracting my right knee. We found one.

Thankfully the physiotherapist sees the effort I am making. If this doesn't pan out it won't be for lack of trying. The physiotherapist is doing what I expect: Working through the conservative therapy options available that a surgeon would expect me to undergo before considering any form of knee surgery. The physiotherapist and I both agree with my articular cartilage being deteriorated. It is important to me that this is acknowledged. To me it means my physiotherapist is paying close attention to my symptoms.