Living Life In A Wheelchair

E-Mailed The Bank With My Intentions For An Inheritance Trust
[ Sunday June 10th 2018 at 11:51 pm ]

I've been weighing out the pros and cons of setting up a Trust for my inheritance. I've thought through a number of scenarios. For where I am at in life it makes the most sense to establish the inheritance trust. I need the time to build my youTube channel and the other streams of revenue. It is taking time to do this because of my physical disability and chronic pain. I am hoping to be able to work around the short comings of my body and arrange the increasing help I am needing in day to day life.

I've had several questions about the Trust and how it would affect me. Some of my questions were for the financial institution where I would have the Trust account. I've just e-mailed the 2 bank employees letting them know my intentions. I've needed the past few weeks to think through what is best for me and how I will take care of the rest of my life.

The challenge I've faced is the provision for help in my day to day life. The disability I am specifically talking about is setup as a means of last resort. It isn't the only one I receive. It acts as a "top up". This disability pension won't prevent you from having a tenant. However they claw back the money given to you based on rental income in order to make it near financially impossible. I ultimately need to make sure I can get the practical help in my day to day life. I see that I need help with cleaning and yard work. I am just trying to make the pieces of life fit.