Living Life In A Wheelchair

Referred To A Different Lawyer Office For My Inheritance Trust Inquiry
[ Monday June 11th 2018 at 10:54 am ]

The lawyer I reached out to responded to me. His case load is full. He has referred me to another lawyers office in town. I will reach out to them later this week. Right now I am tired. I just don't deal with financial matters when I am tired (or emotional) issues when I am tired. It just doesn't end well.

I reached out to this initial lawyer by e-mail. I spent a few days putting together a concise factual summary of what I need help with and a set of facts elaborating upon this. If I am involving a lawyer I need to make good use of the time I spend with them. I don't want to waste my inheritance money on a lawyer. This is a once in a life time opportunity to improve my quality of life. Financially speaking money is quality of life. The disability pension has not kept up with the actual cost of living. I am wanting to maximize this opportunity.