Living Life In A Wheelchair

Contacted A Lawyer Concerning An Inheritance Trust
[ Saturday June 9th 2018 at 8:31 pm ]

I am needing my coming inheritance held in a Trust account so I remain eligible for one of the disability pensions I receive. The essence of this disability pension is that an inheritance trust may be used to improve quality of life. Otherwise when this isn't arranged the inheritance money much be used to cover the expenses of day to day living.

Where I am at in life right now is that money represents quality of life. The inheritance I will receive has the opportunity to help improve my circumstances a whole lot. I reached out a lawyer to establish this cine my dad's Will didn't specify this.

I've put together a concise summary with background information and a description of what I need. I've e-mailed this to a lawyer's office. I am hoping to get the frame work setup while my estate continues working it's way through Probate Court.