Living Life In A Wheelchair

Tap And Die Set Gifted To Me
[ Saturday November 19th 2016 at 12:38 pm ]

The threads on the four bolts bearings are mounted onto allowing my wheelchair to turn corners and drive around parked vehicles on my travel to the facility where I do my physiotherapy are severely worn down. It is obvious the effect driving on the sidewalk and road has had on them over the past 6 years.

These bolts are welded into place and can't be replaced. Instead what they need is a die to create a fresh set of threads. A local "big box" store has a very high quality set on sale 70% off this week. It has a lifetime warranty. Earlier this morning I said I was going to buy this today in an online chat room. Someone completely surprised me by giving me the money to make this purchase. It is really sent by God. My finances are so tight.

I am ultimately going to be receiving a new power wheelchair. The catch is that I can't manage without a power wheelchair when maintenance is needed. I need to keep my wheelchair in working condition as my 'plan B'.

In the broader picture I find using my hands so therapeutic. It is enjoyable and relaxing. I am sure I will find many uses for this tap and die set.

After I leave the store I am going to head over to where I buy my nuts and bolts when I am tinkering to get a set of replacement nuts.