Living Life In A Wheelchair

Positive Changes To My Disability Drug Benefit
[ Saturday November 19th 2016 at 12:08 pm ]

Each month when I receive my disability benefit direct deposit statement a drug and dental card are included. The drug card indicates my health card number for the socialized health care in Ontario Canada. The Province of Ontario hospital emergency departments are able to see what medications have been filled using the drug plan I am enrolled in. I like this a lot. If in the event of a medical emergency the hospital would have access to this history if I was unable to represent myself.

The decision has been made to no longer issue monthly drug cards. Instead the health card I carry in my wallet will used by the pharmacies. I've just spoke to the pharmacy staff. I am setup for this change effective December 1st 2016. I often make use of their prescription delivery service. I went to speak with them to find out how this work for me.

I think this is a good move. There is an extraordinary amount of paper used in the administration of the disability pension I receive. This transition was announced three months ago. Anyone who needs a health card has been offered assistance. I am pleased in the professional manner this is being handled.