Living Life In A Wheelchair

Mail Ordered Bearings For My Power Wheelchair
[ Sunday November 13th 2016 at 9:54 pm ]

The bearings which allow my power wheelchair to turn corners and drive around parked cars for the 2 small rear wheels have worn out. It is routine maintenance. It is to be expected because of using my power wheelchair driving myself to my ongoing physiotherapy.

  • These bearings for the rear right wheel were changed earlier in the week
  • Tomorrow the rear left wheel will be completed

I've just mail ordered 6 more. They should arrive in about 6 weeks. I expect the maintenance being performed to last about a year.

These replacement bearings I've just paid for will be used when the equivalent bearing for the 2 small front wheels burn out in early 2017. I have a tool box dedicated to my power wheelchair maintenance to store these in until they are needed.

There is a separate bearing which makes the wheels go around (opposed to turning corners). These other bearings wear out every 3 - 4 months. They are very easy to change.