Living Life In A Wheelchair

Phone Call With My Physiotherapist
[ Monday November 14th 2016 at 1:05 pm ]

The physiotherapist read my letters and called me on the phone. She had a few thoughts and gave me some ideas to try:

  • Too many changes too place too quickly
  • Using ice
  • Using anti inflammatory medication
  • Buying a knee brace
  • Cutting back the 'land' knee strengthening exercise which caused the severe swelling

My next physiotherapy appointment is on November 25th 2016. The physiotherapy coverage included with my disability pension only funds a home program. It provides over sight. Multiple appointments in a week aren't funded. Much of the onus is left on me for doing my exercises and sorting out my setbacks.

Having said this the physiotherapist recognizes I am needing much more care than is typical. I am being given 2 peoples time slots on the days when I have my physiotherapy appointments. Obviously from the phone call the physiotherapist had with me today she will help me in usually challenging decision making.

The physiotherapist is glad for the relationship I have with my family doctor. I have an appointment scheduled for Friday morning. That is going to be helpful in discussing the severe swelling my knee joint is experiencing. My right knee joint is also popping followed by pain and occasionally swelling. This is very concerning. It hints at damage being caused to my knee joint which each occurrence. I have made a detailed chart to record each instance.