Living Life In A Wheelchair

Telephone Tag With My Family Doctor
[ Wednesday November 9th 2016 at 9:40 pm ]

This evening has been one of the most challenging I have yet to experience on account of my right knee joint. My pain became very bad while I was in the pool and worsened as I was climbing out of the pool and back into my wheelchair. My gait resembled what you would expect out of someone with celebral palsy. I couldn't get my knee joints straight. I was unable to stand tall.

By the time I reached the locker holding my clothes the sharp stabbing pain sensation made me feel as if I was going to vomit. After I got my jogging pants on I asked one of the men in the change room to help me put on my socks and shoes. I couldn't take the surge in pain from bending my knee to do this myself. It was making me feel as if I was about to vomit. My right knee joint was also very stiff.

I had some fast acting morphine with me. After I was dressed I used it and then visited with some of the guys while waiting for it to absorb. It was a good visit. This was the silver lining of the evening.

Unfortunately staying behind has caused a game of "phone tag" with my family doctor. I missed a call from my family doctor. We didn't connect Monday evening. This morning I made an appointment with him for November 18th 2016. I have my physiotherapy intake session tomorrow afternoon. I am going to ask that the second physiotherapy session be not more than a week later. When I had the appointment with my family doctor on October 31st 2016 the plan was for me to return after at least two physiotherapy sessions.

I can tell by how I am feeling tonight that my hips will be stiff tomorrow and my right knee pain will be a challenge. I suppose I am happy about this. The physiotherapist needs to understand what I am living. I hope it isn't a rude awakening for her.