Living Life In A Wheelchair

My Pedometer Arrived
[ Wednesday November 9th 2016 at 2:40 pm ]

On October 15th 2016 I mail ordered a pedometer from Hong Kong. It arrived in today's mail. I am really glad it is here. I purchased this to help get a reference how much I am walking each day so my family doctor will be able to help me, if possible, regaining my mobility.

Since I purchased this I have done some research. If I was to do this over again I would have purchased a high end model for better accuracy because of my compromised ability to walk. There is a difference in the electronics between basic and high end models.

What I've worked out is wearing this on my sock will give the best read with a basic pedometer model. In the binder I've made to track my physiotherapy I've created a section for daily recording of my pedometer steps taken reading.