Living Life In A Wheelchair

My Physiotherapy Intake Appointment
[ Thursday November 10th 2016 at 4:18 pm ]

I am home from my physiotherapy intake appointment. This appointment I had today was very sobering.

I spent a total of 90 minutes with the physiotherapist. It wasn't wasted time. The physiotherapist read the notes I dropped off on November 1st 2016 and found them to be very effective. With my complicated medical history this was a great starting point.

The physiotherapist seemed surprised that I had already engaged in 19 months of physiotherapy and made so little progress. This prompted a very thorough physical examine. With the amount of pain I am continuing to experience it is likely that the MRI performed in May 2015 of my right knee joint was unable to detect the true extent of the fraying cartilage in my right knee joint.

I was prescribed a hip dysplasia brace with an abduction bar when I was 3 years old to treat my Legg Perthes disease. The idea was to stabilize the affected hip joint with the good leg. This was the technique used at the time. The physiotherapist is aware of how damaging and ineffective this has proved to be. My Legg Perthes disease was in my left hip joint. After having both of my hip joints replaced there is a very real possibility that my right knee joint has been compromised as well because of this brace. This isn't the first time a health care professional talked to me about this brace. In 2012 an orthopedic surgeon had a very similar discussion with me.

A very high priority is being given to getting my knee pain under control. The physiotherapist knows my family doctor doesn't prescribe medication if an alternative option is available. It concerned the physiotherapist by the amount of pain and pain medication my right knee joint is causing me to use.

It is obvious my right hip joint is weak. This isn't a surprise to me. I haven't healed from my hip replacement surgeries. If my right knee joint is going to reach it's maximum ability my right hip joint needs to be strengthened and catch up with my left hip joint.

My physiotherapy program is going back to basics. It is consisting of land and water (pool) exercises. If we can't get my exercises migrated to all on land I am not going to make much progress.

I've booked two more physiotherapy appointments between now and Christmas. The physiotherapist realizes I need more time than what is typical. My appointments will be 1 hour long.

When I take in the discussion today, other discussions I've had with health professionals and my own research it seems my best quality of life will be through a home that is 100% designed to the needs of my body. I will gladly do what physiotherapy is reasonable. I do want the help. Ultimately intentionally designed housing will be the right direction for my life.