Living Life In A Wheelchair

An Appointment With My Family Doctor
[ Wednesday August 2nd 2017 at 10:55 am ]

I've finished another appointment with my family doctor. I made the appointment because of experiencing a tear in my right knee joint a week ago and the subsequent bruising which appears each time I've used the pool or the conditioning center equipment. My family doctor's response about the bruising is to leave it alone and it will heal within 3 months.

I've communicated to my family doctor that I am unwilling to engage in physical activities which will result in debilitating pain. It is no longer worth it to me. Twenty nine months have passed following my second hip replacement surgery. The MRI of June 19th 2017 shows my knee joints are deteriorating. I can't justify worsening my quality of life.

My bone scan is on Friday. The doctors are keen to identify reasons why there is increased blood flow in my knee joints. In part they are checking for bone cancer. I received the blood test results today. My blood is healthy. A cancer diagnosis is unlikely. I tend to think the extra blood flow in my knee joints is trying to heal my deteriorating knee joints. Both of my hip joints were almost always swollen prior to their replacements. I tend to think this is more of the same I've previous experienced.

My family doctor appears lost on how to help me. A few months ago an Ontario Canada doctor told me off the record not to listen to "knee replacement surgery isn't for young adults" rhetoric. The reason it was off the record was because this doctor isn't officially involved in my care. This doctors approach was very practical: If I need knee replacement surgery than an age restriction isn't warranted.

In June 2012 a 91 year old orthopedic surgeon came out of retirement to assessment. it was explained to me that his opinion superseded all others. This 91 year old orthopedic surgeon had the credentials to make this assessment. His assessment has stood the test of time. I trust his assessment of my knee joints prematurely wearing out. I have the symptoms of grade iv chondral knee joints. I am confident I can pursue knee replacement surgery out of Canada when I am ready for this. I can live with myself making this decision.