Living Life In A Wheelchair

Very Serious Setback
[ Monday July 31st 2017 at 5:00 pm ]

On Wednesday I felt a tear happen in my right knee joint while I was in the pool. During the past few days my physical disability has been very flared up. Each time I exercise bruising forms in my right knee joint. This is internal bleeding caused by the tear.

This evening I've reached a new low with my physical disability. I physically was unable to sit for about 90 minutes. I needed the pain medication to absorb into my body. My hips are now equal to while I was hospitalized following each of my hip replacement surgeries. It seems the only 3 exercises I am now able to do for my legs are very gentle movements in the pool and the hip adduction and abduction machines. However I am questioning if the hip adduction and abduction machines are too much for my knees. In the coming days I will try this without attending the pool.

I have an appointment with my family doctor Wednesday morning. After the 7 year fight for hip replacement surgery I have serious doubt I will be offered help for my knee joints. I think it is the best use of my time and energy to get my day to day life and income going strong over the next few years. Then pursue knee replacement surgery out of country. My finances are very perilous. It is obvious I can't continue placing health care treatment as my top priority.