Living Life In A Wheelchair

Assessing What Is Causing Me Debilitating Pain
[ Wednesday August 2nd 2017 at 10:00 pm ]

I've spent some time today reflecting on the medical appointment I had with my family doctor this morning. I honestly wish my family doctor was living with the set of physical challenges and chronic pain I am experiencing. I don't say this to be cruel. It would do wonders for him to be able to understand.

I've just arrived home from the gym. The pool is closed this evening for maintenance. All I did were 3 exercises using the conditioning center equipment: The hip adduction, hip abduction and back extension. The pain in my knee joints is severe. I've lived with chronic pain for 12 years. For me to be saying the pain is severe after living through the demise of my hip joints is remarkable. I am very close to needing the hospital emergency department doctor because of the pain. It is obvious I am feeling the deterioration the MRI imaging from June 2017 documented. I can't continue to use these machines. I refuse to engage in activities which are accelerating the deterioration process.

There are different types of pain. I had very helpful pain following my hip replacement surgeries. This pain was instrumental in gauging the amount of exercise since my recovery wasn't a typical hip replacement surgery process.

In contrast what I am experiencing now is the pain that warms me further deterioration has occurred within my knee joints. I feel like I am being stabbed with a knife while my knee is on fire and being gnawed on by a dog. It is most unpleasant. I have to conclude that the conditioning center equipment is no longer an option for my body.

What this leaves me with is the use of the swimming pool. Even that is beginning to wind down. I am finding about 40% of the time the pool solely for pain control. When I have the financial means to do so I can live with myself travling outside of Canada to pay for knee replacement surgery.