Living Life In A Wheelchair

Delivered Physiotherapy Clinic Intake Paper Work
[ Wednesday November 2nd 2016 at 9:10 am ]

I've just arrived home from the physiotherapy clinic. The time I've just spent has been productive in a few ways:

  • Last evening I completed their intake paperwork. I delivered this to the physiotherapy administrative assistant. Now all the paper work providing my medical history is at the clinic for the physiotherapist who will be treating me to read prior to my initial appointment on November 10th 2016.
  • The road and sidewalk around the building housing the physiotherapy clinic is under construction. I had to drive my power wheelchair in traffic to get to the physiotherapy clinic. I don't want to do this on an ongoing basis. After dropping off the paper work I started investigating an alternative route I could use. The building housing this physiotherapy clinic is on the Bay of Quinte. Adjacent to the building is the business "Crate Marine Belleville". I found if I drive my power wheelchair through their storage lot I would arrive at the rear of the physiotherapy clinic building and be able to avoid driving my power wheelchair in traffic. I went into the "Crate Marine Belleville" office, explained why I was in the area and the unsafe conditions for operating my power wheelchair. I've asked permission and I am allowed to cut through their storage lot in the travel to my physiotherapy sessions. I want to publically thank the staff of "Crate Marine Belleville" for the compassion and kindness towards me.
  • Last evening before I left the facility where I've been doing my physiotherapy in the swimming pool I made a list of all the conditioning center equipment available for use. I typed this out this morning and added it to the binder containing my physiotherapy notes. This list will provide the physiotherapist an extra tool of what I could do outside of their clinic as part of my upcoming physiotherapy program. I've also provided a copy of this list to the physiotherapy clinic administrative assistant. Back in 2006 I was in need of physiotherapy but had very little money and no physiotherapy coverage. The physiotherapist worked with me to create a 'home exercise program'. I used the facility where I've been going to use the pool in between physiotherapy sessions so I wouldn't have to spend much money. Seeing my motivation the physiotherapist made herself available to answer questions in between physiotherapy sessions. The administrative assistant understood where I was coming from. If any of their clinics are under financial stress this may be an option. I am grateful to give back with the many people who have believed in me and invested in my life.

I've now done everything which is within my control in preparation for my upcoming physiotherapy. I've been "all in" during the past 19 months trying to regain my mobility. I don't want to waste the opportunity which has been given to me. I want to have a solid set of documented notes for future reference.