Living Life In A Wheelchair

Escalating My Complaint After Not Receiving A Replacement Power Wheelchair In A Timely Fashion
[ Wednesday November 2nd 2016 at 1:15 am ]

On March 26th 2015 an application was completed for me to receive funding for a replacement power wheelchair. My application was approved. I received a new power wheelchair on October 28th 2015.

This new power wheelchair required an average of weekly maintenance to keep it operational. I made the decision to return it on April 2016.

I have yet to receive the replacement power wheelchair. In the intern I have been using my 2010 power wheelchair. Friends in town have assisted me restoring it. It is operating well.

I've experienced poor customer service from the local mobility store. Today I've reached out to the manager of the mobility devices division of the grant I applied for to advocate for me.