Living Life In A Wheelchair

I Was To The ER Department Of My Local Hospital
[ Sunday July 23rd 2017 at 11:44 pm ]

This evening I coughed up blood coated phlegm. When you cough up blood it is extremely serious. I immediately went to the local hospital. I just finished writing a blog entry about vehicles blocking my drive way. It happened again as I was leaving for the hospital. I need the conversation I started yesterday with the city to happen. I need to get to the bottom of why I continue to have cars blocking my drive way.

I've just arrived home from the hospital. The ER doctor thinks the virus mutated and has become bacterial. Bacterial infects are able to be treated with antibiotics. I've filled the prescription and am looking forward to fresh start with my "to do" list later this week. I've spent the weekend in bed. I can't continue this indefinitely. The ER doctor thinks I will be feeling better by Tuesday.

As for the coughing that triggered the bleeding: The ER doctor things that because of the volume of phlegm that's been coming out of me the tissues are all irritated in my throat. She gave me really good practical advise: Go have a hot steamy shower a few times over the next few days to get all the phlegm out of me.

Finally the ER doctor is the wife of the orthopedic surgeon who got my hip treatment on track in 2011. I was able to tell her how wonderful her husband was to me. I sent him a thank you letter and a separate letter to the chief medical officer of the hospital where he operates. I really appreciate the many hands that have helped in my treatment.