Living Life In A Wheelchair

Vehicle Blocking My Drive Way Follow Up
[ Saturday July 22nd 2017 at 9:47 pm ]

Chronically vehicles park blocking my drive way. It is serious because of the help I need. Very near my home is a funeral home. I live on a side street. It is often used for over flow parking. Vehicles blocking my drive way doesn't allow people coming to help me space to park their vehicle. The city I live in has tried to help me. They posted a sign indicating 'Private Driveway'. It is the legal requirement for them to tag and tow vehicles. This has had little effect. Another vehicle is blocking my drive way right now. I've just sent a follow up e-mail to the city asking what more can we do. With my physical disability worsening this is very troublesome for the help I need to manage my day to day life. It is also a serious challenge if I am needing to call an ambulance for myself. I hope I don't need this. But with multiple operations and mobility challenges, a physical disability and chronic pain I don't want to assume I won't ever need the help of an ambulance.