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My Friend Has His Scarf
[ Saturday January 13th 2024 at 2:34 pm ]

The scarf I made to show appreciation to one of my friends has been delivered. Thanks to video chatting I was able to watch him unwrap it. He likes it. I am so glad. The friend I made this for really stepped up when my right knee joint buckled on the last Saturday of November. He made time to spend messaging, talking to me and playing games as I was recovering. He spent time with me when I was so weak and vulnerable from my knee buckling and I really appreciated this. I was so grateful. He made me feel safe while I was so weak as my body recovered over the course of a few weeks. As I made the scarf I've learned I am able to use my knitting machine and it doesn't cause out of control pain. The last time I made something with my knitting machine was in 2007. I couldn't take the pain from the sitting required. There are still problems with my artificial hips. They keep making a grinding noise. The pain that accompanies this is very debilitating. But I try my best. When I complete something it is worth celebrating. I also take time to acknowledge incremental milestone progress as I am working on a project. I've enjoyed making the scarf for a friend. It has been a wonderful way to express appreciation for the kindness that has been shown to me.