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Renewed VOIP Phone Service
[ Sunday November 12th 2023 at 5:44 pm ]

I use a voice over IP phone service. It is up for renewal. I have just paid for the phone number for another 12 months and another 36 months for making and receiving calls. This is an inexpensive phone service. The reason it is inexpensive is because it relies upon my Internet connection. Several years my disability pension wasn't keeping up with the actual cost of living. I faced the prospect of not having a home phone. This was the solution I found when I started digging. I rely on the Internet for shopping, spending time with friends, banking, the growth of my youTube channel and my website. This works really well. Technology has been developing. Now there is an app for the phone service. As long as I have access to WiFi I am able to make and receive phone calls while I am out. This has worked out really well in the long term for me to be living within my means.