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A Visit From My Sister
[ Friday November 10th 2023 at 12:17 pm ]

My sister and her husband came to miss me. I was happy to see her husband. But it was really wonderful seeing her. She lives about 7 hours from my home for who I'd have to travel to get there using para-transit vehicle services. It just hasn't worked out to get together in some time. We've been video chatting using the computer program Skype. It isn't like we haven't been seeing each other.

When my sister said she had about an hour to visit I had an idea that went flying through my mind: Take her and her husband down to where I've been having my picnics this year. It was absolutely lovely. When we first arrived there was still a fair distance from the actual bay. The warmth of the sun was wonderful.

I asked if they would go down the trail to so I could point out a few things. They agreed. It was getting cooler as we got closer to the water. But it was manageable. It is the old "show and tell" from being a child. It will help my sister know a bit more of what I'm talking about when I tell her I've been down to the water.

She brought with her some of my childhood belongings. One of the things were my slides. I can't wait to get these converted into JPG images. There is a device used for this purpose. It is a very labour intensive process. This is something I want to do. You load each slide into a caddy. Line it up on the screen. Then press the button to make it into a JPG image. Then unload and repeat. I am really happy about this.

I am not feeling well from pain. I caught the cartilage in my knee when getting into bed last night. If my sister hadn't been coming to visit I would have gone to the hospital. The extra pain medications I used are wearing off. I need to rest as soon as I am able to get comfortable.