Living Life In A Wheelchair

Home Depot Canada Was Just A Really Big Help To Me
[ Saturday June 17th 2017 at 9:28 pm ]

This evening my local Home Depot was a really big help to me with the maintenance for my power wheelchair.

On the way home from the dentist Friday afternoon I drove through some construction. A tire on my wheelchair popped because of a metal shard from the construction.

I attend a local pool each week night (weather permitting) for my pool based physiotherapy. I drive myself using my power wheelchair. This amounts to 25 miles or 40 km. I even do this during the winter months.

I had been planning to switch these 2 tires to foam filled. The removes the risk of a tire popping. The risk of getting a flat tire is too great, especially since I attend the pool during the evening. In the cold weather it would become life threatening. It is very difficult to get rescued at short notice. With the incident Friday afternoon I planned to switch the 2 big tires this weekend to foam filled.

I went onto the Internet and found a jack my local "Home Depot" was selling (although it said 'sold out') that would work. It wasn't perfect. To make it work I would have needed to remove the wheels. With my disability worsening I need a jack to raise my wheelchair up during the maintenance I arrange and perform instead of the blocking I have been using.

Since there were none of the style I saw online and with how frequent I shop at the store the head employee offered to price match a comparable product. I appreciate this to no end. Ultimately this jack amounts to improving my quality of life because of my dependence on the wheelchair. I am really grateful. I will need to send the store a card within the next few days.

If Home Depot Canada sees this thank you so much for helping me.