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Unexpected Set Back In My Future Server
[ Friday June 16th 2017 at 11:27 pm ]

About 2 months ago I began working on a project I put on hold in late 2015. The project is replacing my server with a cluster. A cluster is where a group of computers work together to host a web site. This will make my web sites performs faster. One of the big changes is the new look for this web site. It will automatically tweak the display depending on if the user is on a computer, tablet or PDA.

I am using a "single board computer" for my new servers. Although these are highly energy effecient there isn't enough electricity to support a USB external hard drive. A powered hub is necessary. I have a good idea of what powered hubs are available on the market. I will need to purchase some 4 port USB powered hubs for my project.

The other step that is now required is re-calculating the electricity each computer + USB external hard drive will use. This is so I don't exceed the 5 volt 60 amp power supply capacity and cause an electrical fire.