Living Life In A Wheelchair

Feedback For A Store Employee Who Went Out Of His Way To Help Me
[ Friday June 16th 2017 at 9:32 pm ]

I've just finished receiving help from a store employee. He did an outstanding job. I am going to complete the store survey so he is able to be acknowledged for helping me.

This evening I went up to my local Home Depot to buy the hardware (bolts, lock nuts, washers) necessary to mount wheels onto the rubbermaid garbage bin I am using for my paper shredder modification.

By using a garbage can typically for bringing garbage to the curb means I won't have to bend when using or emptying my paper shredder. I will experience less pain. This will improve my quality of life once I have this project completed. This is the best system I can work out for staying on top of my paper shredding.