Living Life In A Wheelchair

Completing Of My Paper Shredder Modification For Wheelchair Accessibility
[ Saturday June 17th 2017 at 9:40 pm ]

The 4 wheels are now on my modified paper shredder. I am so pleased.

One of the youth I have a connection with from the gym is helping me deep clean my home. I am going through everything I own and getting rid of what isn't needed as part of my life in the here and now. I haven't recovered as expected. This means my disability will linger on for several years. By getting rid of what I am not using I will be able to do less house cleaning. This will also open up the space in my home and make it easier to operate my power wheelchair.

Ultimately this translates into a better quality of life. The use of a rubbermaid garbage can with my paper shredder is my long term solution to staying on top of my paper shredder. It means I won't have to bend when shredding papers and emptying the bin which came with it. I will now be able to use the paper shredder when my disability is flared up.