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Ordered A Replacement Drive For My Weather Station Server
[ Saturday May 20th 2023 at 3:30 pm ]

My weather station uses a Raspberry PI 3 as the server that receives the data and broadcasts it online. I setup a redundant system with 2 drives for the computer program that processes the data coming from the weather station. One of the two drives have worn out. It is time to replace them both. I have just ordered the replacement drive. I enjoy this as a hobby.

What I purchased about 7 years ago was inexpensive. It has aged well for being inexpensive. The drive that runs the computer program to broadcast my weather station data isn't worked hard. I have purchased a decent quality drive. I think it should last a decade. Once the operating system and weather station software is installed it is just regular updates that uses the drive.

The worst that has happened to the weather station is when a squirrel climbed the post it is mounted on and turned off the weather station sensor. In other words my system is working well. I am pleased with this. I enjoy this hobby. It is nice having something to contribute. I am trying my best to live my life. The only thing that is bothering me is getting through my "to do" list. I am trying to get my "to do" list back on track after the latest challenges with my physical disability.