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Ordered Pure Distilled Garlic Oil To Treat My Hamster Abscess
[ Monday May 22nd 2023 at 12:35 am ]

I've just checked on Rocky. I have made a disappointing discovery. The abscess that burst on Friday is now infected. I once again need to intervene. What now makes the most sense to use garlic oil on it. I am finding evidence that this is used in treating pets for their cuts, scrapes and boosting their immune system. Garlic has properties that are able to treat infections and boost the immune system. I find this really tricky. I want to do what is best for Rocky. The concern of him having a surgery is on account of his age. If he is comfortable, acting like a hamster and feeling loved non invasive treatment would be best. I am spending time with him. I try my best to let him know he matters to me. I am hopeful this will help his body continue to fight the infection. It is too bad this has happened. It seemed so promising when the latest abscess burst that he'd be able to move on. But I can't live in the past with him. The garlic oil I've order will arrive on Friday. I will do my best to try and stay on top of the infection between now and then.