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A Visit With A Friend
[ Friday May 19th 2023 at 4:55 pm ]

One of my friends came to visit me. Andy works maintaining the signalling equipment for a section of the train tracks. What he's described seems so interesting. I am familiar with relays and sensors from my own tinkering and prototyping. Besides asking how work is going I also was able to talk to Andy about my life, the challenges I am having with my legs, the progress I am making in getting my laser engraver setup and because of the friendship now spanning since 2005 I've been honest about the challenges I am having with pain. I really value these long term friendships. I have really enjoyed today's visit. He is technically inclined. I find his input valuable as I am working towards setting up my laser engraver. With this being the main focus of my time right now I've really appreciated his thoughts. I am grateful Andy made time to visit.