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Ordered A Lunch Bag For Having A Monthly Picnic!
[ Monday May 8th 2023 at 12:14 am ]

Last summer 1 had 2 picnics down at the water front - trails. I really enjoyed this. I've set a goal to have 1 picnic a month with about 2 hours of nature photography at the same time. I plan to do this on the 2nd week of the month. I will be careful with my activities the day before and plan ahead with the weather forecast. It is good self care. When I do this I forget about my legs and have a wonderful time. I am always so glad when I've done this.

The idea is that I will make my lunch and bring it with me. The only barrier is that I don't have a lunch bag. My chore this evening was to find one that is suitable. This is the one I ordered. It will arrive on May 24.

It has a long handle for hanging off my power wheelchair. It is red. This is good for visibility. It has the side compartment for knife, fork and spoon. The mesh on the side should work for a water bottle. It is insulated so I won't get food poisoning.