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Ordered 5% Lidocaine For Pain Management Of My Knees
[ Saturday May 6th 2023 at 7:19 pm ]

I am in a rock and a hard place. My specialist pain management doctor prescribed a topical compound for my knees that my family doctor under his direction was to be continuing the prescription. The family doctor is refusing this. I am going to the appropriate authority to initiate a complaint process. I expect I could get a repeat of the compound through the pain management doctor.

But I am also wanting to settle for myself how much pain relief the 5% lidocaine portion of the compound helped me since this is readily available over the counter. I have ordered a tube of this from Amazon. I think it will be helpful to have a sense of how effective this is before the next appointment I will be having with my pain management doctor. I don't mind using medications that are medically warranted. I am not wanting to use more than what my body requires. I think this will be a helpful starting point for the discussion with my pain management doctor.