Living Life In A Wheelchair

Progress Report On My Power Wheelchair Accessory Panel
[ Saturday May 27th 2017 at 7:35 pm ]

Over the past few days I've completed the layout for my wheelchair accessory panel and am quite pleased with this. However a unexpected problem came to light this evening.

I am using 6mm or ΒΌ" Plexiglas. This has created 2 new problems:

  • I've been advised against using heat to bend this. This will increase the risk of the Plexiglas breaking from the vibration my wheelchair experiences. If this was to happen a power surge may occur because this is dealing with electricity. The recommendation is to cut the Plexiglas the same as you would do with wood, use silicone for water proofing and corner brackets to join the pieces together.
  • I've also discovered I will need glass - ceramic - marble drill bits with the appropriate drill bit end for making the holes in the Plexiglas. I had been hoping to metal drill bits I already own. The heat being created is strengthening the Plexiglas making it impenetrable.

I will shop online for the appropriate bits. The big box store I attended this evening sells bits which are fabricated in China. Thanks to the Internet I am able to buy directly from manufactures in China. The bits will cost about 30% of what they are sold at locally.