Living Life In A Wheelchair

Beginning To Film Backgrounds For Future YouTube Videos
[ Saturday May 27th 2017 at 9:05 pm ]

I thoroughly enjoy nature. I love God's creation. It gives me some down time where I am not living the marathon that comes with my physical disability and chronic pain. I've been enjoying making the occasional nature video for my youTube channel.

There is a technique called 'chroma key'. It allows you to superimpose your video over a different background than where you physically are at the time of filming. I've had some inspiration this evening. The town where I live is truly beautiful. I am going to film several 30 minute videos (without people in the background) and use these as backgrounds for my videos. I think this would be nice for those who use my videos.

My digital video camera is able to operate using a USB charging port. I have a battery here which is typically used to power a fish finder. It will last substantially longer than the battery for the video camera. Over the next few days I will create a wire that will let my video camera be powered through this battery. I have a lunch bag which the battery perfectly fits into. I will just need to mail order some carabiners (hooks which mountain climbers use) to hang the battery off my video camera tripod.