Living Life In A Wheelchair

Helping Someone With Muscular Dystrophy
[ Friday May 26th 2017 at 1:06 pm ]

I've had the privilege of helping someone with an advancing case of muscular dystrophy. While in the pool last week she told me how the heat was interfering with her sleep. I know how debilitating broken sleep is. She talked about needing help with getting her window air conditioner unit installed for the summer months. I asked one of the youth in town if he would accompany me to her home to do this chore. The woman with muscular dystrophy expressed trust in me bringing someone to her home while I was there for this task. He's completed this chore.

Also her scooter batteries won't charge. I enjoy using my hands. I get a great deal of satisfaction with this. I understand my power wheelchair. I offered to test her batteries. This isn't easy for me. I'll need to lay down shortly because of the stress this put on my body. As I have lived with chronic pain and my physical disability for several years now there are some activities which are worth doing, even though it limits what I can do over the next few days.