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Replacement UPS Battery Backup - Surge Protector Is Dead On Arrival
[ Monday August 29th 2022 at 11:22 pm ]

Shortly after the UPS battery backup - surge protector arrived I unpacked it, connected the battery and plugged it into the wall for the batteries to charge. I've just attempted to commission it for surge protecting my crypto currency mining computer. I've made an unfortunate discovery. It is dead on arrival. It needs to go back. The surge protector is going into a failure mode when I power on the computer. This shouldn't be happening. But it is. Tomorrow I will reach out to APC and arrange a replacement. The "silver lining" is that APC has stood by their warranty and I haven't been hassled. It has been very straight forward: Provide photo and video evidence of the failure codes being displayed, explain the steps done in an attempt to resolve this and they have been willing to make good on their warranty. This is the reason I source my surge protectors from APC.