Living Life In A Wheelchair

Right Knee Cap Warm To The Touch
[ Monday September 12th 2016 at 3:40 pm ]

During the past few months I've been struggling to know how to explain my right knee pain to my family doctor in a way he would understand what I was trying to say. I decided I would take a different approach at the appointment I had with my family doctor today.

I've been feeling the skin above my right knee cap being warmer than the skin around it. On August 8th 2016 I mail ordered an infrared thermometer so I could take the temperature of my skin in these areas of my body. When the thermometer arrived it turned out to be true. My knee cap skin was warmer.

Today I brought my infrared thermometer to my appointment. I demonstrated it by taking my family doctors temperature and then explained why I purchased it. What this did for me was cause a different set of questions and discussion with my family doctor. He now understand what I've been struggling to communicate. He wonders if the cartilage on the underside of my knee cap is wearing down. The $13 I spent on the infrared thermometer has been my most effective purchase in several months.

I have been given two new exercises to try. I'm to follow up with my surgeon. I already have an appointment with my surgeon scheduled for September 23rd 2016.