Living Life In A Wheelchair

Loss Of Pain Control In My Right Knee Joint
[ Thursday September 15th 2016 at 4:00 pm ]

When I had my medical appointment with my family doctor on Monday September 12th 2016 he gave me a new stretch to help my right knee joint. I repeated back the instructions to ensure I had understood them correctly.

I decided I would try this for the first time when I was in the pool on Tuesday September 13th 2016. I've had so much trouble with my right knee joint. My thinking was if this doesn't work at least the pool will help cushion a setback. The very first time I tried the stretch I felt severe pain under my right knee cap.

My pain management has been out of control since Tuesday September 13th 2016. The pain sucks up my energy. I made the appointment with my family doctor to get it balanced again. When I was called into the exam room I was first assessed by a student who is about to graduate from the university hospital where I am being treated at. My surgeon likes me interacting with the students. I am use to this. I tried to explain what is wrong without overwhelming the student.

The student had a really good idea to try for pain control. She commented on the swelling in my right knee joint and wondered if I was taking any anti inflammatory medication. I hadn't used anti inflammatory medication for about 9 months. I reached the point where it was no longer helping following my hip replacement surgery. I won't take medication I don't need. Using this again is an alternative to increasing my narcotic pain medication. This is what my family doctor and I agreed upon.

Also the underside of my knee caps are going to be x-rayed in what is called a 'skyline view'. This is to check for deterioration in my knee joints. This isn't a typical knee x-ray. My family doctor is doing this so the x-rays will be available when I have the appointment with my surgeon on Friday September 23rd 2016. I will book the x-ray tomorrow.