Living Life In A Wheelchair

Plans To Modify My High Quality Microphone Power Source
[ Saturday April 22nd 2017 at 8:48 pm ]

Yesterday I purchased a high quality microphone for my new video camera. I had a plan when I purchased it: To modify the microphone electricity source from a watch battery to a USB charging port. The use of electricity in this microphone is for an amplifier. This allows a quality recording of my voice. There is a bit of work involved in this modification. It is within my skill set. Tonight I mail ordered the circuitry to do this. I have a plan for this.

I am adding (3) USB charging ports to my new power wheelchair. My plan is to be able to make my youTube videos while I am away from home. Tonight I mail ordered (2) 10 feet USB extension cables. This will be a sufficient length for the USB cable to go from my wheelchair accessory panel to the floor or the ground, then to the tripod and finally up the tripod to the video camera and microphone.

Five minutes from my home is the Bay of Quinte. Many of my videos are me talking about life and inspiring people. It is to help people have a better quality of life who have little mobility. This would give amazing backgrounds for the people who use my videos. With my power wheelchair as the electricity source I won't run out of battery power while filming. It will be effort to get myself to the Bay of Quinte and setup for filming. Making multiple videos at once will make this worth it. My new microphone comes with a wind noise filter. I think this will work out well.