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Invested In A High Quality Shotgun Microphone
[ Friday April 21st 2017 at 10:30 pm ]

There was a mix up with the high quality video camera I purchased. The external shotgun microphone wasn't included when it shipped to me. As it turns out this isn't much of a loss. this microphone is for beginners. It would be suitable for home videos. It wouldn't work for my ambition of seeing an income from youTube be established.

I've spent several hours researching shutgun microphones, finding a few I like and then listening to examples on the youTube website. I've found one which is very worth while investing in. I've mail ordered this from China. It should arrive in about 4 weeks.

My new video camera is able to be powered by a USB port. It would be helpful if the microphone would also be powered by a USB port. When it arrives I am going to measure the battery bay to work out if I can add the electronics that will step down the electricity received by a USB port from 5 to the 1.5 volts DC the shotgun micropohne requires. The microphone uses a watch style battery. I don't want to run out of battery power as I make my videos nearly every day. I find these things easy and enjoyable. I've done the research this evening I know what is involved (practically speaking) to make this modification to the shotgun microphones power supply.