Living Life In A Wheelchair

Adding A Bike Odometer To My New Power Wheelchair
[ Sunday April 23rd 2017 at 6:30 pm ]

I've begun my power wheelchair modification by adding a bike odometer to it. The reasoning for this is to aid my disability case worker in justifying the funding used for it's maintenance. It is to track the total distance I drive the wheelchair between maintenance. This is quite substantial because of using the power wheelchair as my means of mobility to the gym each week night for my physiotherapy.

Unfortunately this hasn't begun to immediately work. What seems to be the problem is that I need a stronger magnet. The challenge I've had is adapting the mounts so it would work on a wheelchair with the moving suspension. The weak magnet which came with the bike odometer seems to be just outside the reach of the receiver for each revolution of the wheel. In the near future I will purchase a ceramic magnet and continue investigation this further.