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Inquiring About Possible Stem Cell Transplant Into My Knee Joints
[ Saturday April 8th 2017 at 8:19 am ]

In November 2016 stem cell transplants for knee joints were approved for use in Ontario Canada. This morning I've sent a letter to the regional pain clinic to inquire what their process is. My family doctor explained there is a fee associated with this because of it being new and unproven where I live. I've specifically asked if there are any trials occurring that may allow a waiver for the cost involved. Alternatively I'll need to arrange a fund raiser for the stem cell transplant treatment. It is very worth while pursuing this as the alternative is knee replacement surgery. I am doing a bit of the grunt work towards this now in preparation for an appointment with my family doctor next week. However the earliest I'd want to start setting this in motion is after the new MRI imaging is completed for both of my knee joints. At this point I am waiting on the installation and quality assurance testing of a new MRI machine being installed at my local hospital.