Living Life In A Wheelchair

Phone Call From My Family Doctor
[ Friday October 14th 2016 at 3:18 pm ]

I'm home from the appointment with my family doctor. My family doctor just called me on the phone. After thinking about the appointment I had with him he has some additional guidance for my physiotherapy program. My family doctor taking time to phone me demonstrates his level of commitment to me, my life and journey I am on.

I've also had some time to think. I am going to summarize exactly what I do for physiotherapy for 7 consecutive days so the advice my family doctor gives me in November 2016 will be helpful to me.

One of the concerns from the appointment I just had is that I haven't gained new distance when I walk as far as I am capable of.

  • The absolute most I am able to walk at one time is 70 feet. Then I need an 8 to 12 hour break to recover.
  • I try to walk 25 - 30 feet every other hour. This isn't easy. I need to think about the motion of each step I take. But if I am going to improve my quality of life it is necessary.

My knees are holding me back from engaging in the typical hip replacement surgery physiotherapy. Most hip replacement surgery exercises require healthy knees to complete. In turn my hips haven't regained their strength after undergoing hip replacement surgery because my knees keep setting me back. Yet when God ordained situations happen (like the personal trainer in the pool earlier this week helping me) it gives me confidence in the process I am enduring.